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Sit back and luxuriate in the magnificent grandeur incorporated into its interiors. Revel in the majesty of the DARBAR as enjoyed by the people of a bygone era.
While the hospitality and the tastes of the NIZAMS has been kept intact, we have also added contemporary culinary experiences by adding several sumptuous, authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Arabia, Persia and Turkey. We at NIZAMI DARBAR, are striving to bring you the best and most authentic food at reasonable prices. Our aim is to give each guest an experience of the Nizami hospitality.


NIZAM, which in Arabic means an order or arrangement, was the title bestowed upon the ruler of Hyderabad. The NIZAMS of Hyderabad were of Turkish and Hadrahmi Arab descent. DARBAR, an audience hall, was the majestic court of a native prince that originated in Persia. Later it was used as a title to honour the princely court of rulers in India.

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We thank you for your visit and we looking forward to serving you again.